Supporting communities


One-to-one support

Personalised one-to-one support is the core of what we offer at Effro, providing a framework of support around an individual’s particular needs and ambitions.

From visits to favourite places (such as beaches, museums, concert venues and sports grounds) to assistance in joining clubs and societies based around hobbies or interests, our one-to-one support keeps people socially and physically active as part of our holistic and individual-focused approach to dementia support.

(Our one-to-one support is generally oversubscribed and as such we normally have a waiting list for support across all geographic areas. Once received however, any referral will be acknowledged within 5 working days and an indication of current waiting times will be provided. We do recognise that this can be frustrating and seek to keep waiting times as short as possible).

Group-based support

Our group-based support sessions provide an enjoyable way for people living with dementia to stay socially active while engaging in a range of structured activities.

Based around the principles of reminiscence therapy and CST (cognitive stimulation therapies), our group sessions encourage attendees to engage their memories and thinking skills. As well as being fun to take part in, the sessions provide ideas of activities that participants can enjoy independently in their own lives. To enquire about Effro starting a group-based dementia support session in your area, please get in touch.


Carer support

Our support programme for carers is delivered in partnership with Platfform’s counselling service, Breathe. The programme provides a mix of practical and emotional support for those who care for an individual living with dementia.

Each session of our carer support programme is accompanied by a neighbouring group session that can be attended by the individual living with dementia, giving carers the time and space to focus fully on themselves for the duration of the session.

Further information relating to upcoming Events, including Carers Connect Groups, starting in autumn/winter 2023 will appear here:-

Rhiwbina Carer Connect

Rhiwbina, Cardiff Carer Connect Group starts Tuesday 17th October, for 10 weeks (Select link above):



We’re passionate about making Effro’s empowering approach to dementia support accessible to as many people as possible.

Our training for carers and family members is one of the ways we’re doing this; it enables anyone to support people living with dementia in a compassionate and life-enhancing way.

See some of our available training and book here, or contact us for more information.

Liaison and guidance

Finding out what support is available to people living with dementia can be an overwhelming and emotionally challenging task. Our team of friendly experts are on hand to guide you through the range of care and support services on offer.

We strive to take each individual’s personal circumstances and needs into account, liaising with other service providers where required and guiding you through the process of accessing support.


Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends exists to raise awareness of dementia, helping people to understand what it's like to live with a dementia-related condition.

Our team act as volunteers for Alzheimer's Society in order to deliver Dementia Friends information sessions: hour-long events that provide information and advice about dementia. Please get in touch to find out more.

Digital memory books

A digital memory book is a USB drive containing photographs, video clips, music and other memories relating to an individual’s life.

As part of our one-to-one support service, we help people living with dementia to produce their own digital memory books, enabling them to revisit events and experiences that trigger positive associations and remind them of happy times.


Beekeeping project

Effro is currently piloting a unique and exciting initiative: helping people with dementia to become involved in the fascinating and rewarding pastime of beekeeping.

As a multi-sensory activity with a passionate and active community surrounding it, we believe beekeeping can be an ideal hobby for people living with dementia. Participants in our project will be supported by beekeeping experts, helping to care for a local colony of bees while learning traditional beekeeping techniques.

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