Painting – freestyle

This is a freestyle painting session that we can do while reminiscing about a place we loved to visit when we were younger. Is there a place that you can think of?

Painting – colouring in

Here we’re going to be painting on some ready-printed pictures, this is a great activity for those who may struggle with copying – this provides a little bit of inspiration to start with!

Painting – copying a picture

In this session, we will talk you through how to copy an image. Hope you enjoy!

Painting – equipment

Here, we’re getting ready for our painting activity – talking you through the equipment that you will need.

Card making introduction

Here we talk you through what materials you will need for our card making activity.

Card making

After watching the Card making introduction, it’s now time to create your cards! Join us to create some amazing cards with a variety of techniques.

Wellbeing part 1

Join us as we talk you through a typical wellbeing session that’s designed to be fun and stimulating – working to promote both physical and emotional health.

The activities include our Famous Funny People Quiz, Funny Poems, Move it or Lose it and Gentle Breathing.

Wellbeing part 2

For Wellbeing Part 2 we walk you through the full activities outlined in Part 1.

Part 1: we go through our Famous Funny Person Quiz – providing questions and answers. Be sure to pause to allow time for participants to think about their answers!

Part 2: Funny Poems – we read through some funny poems that will bring a smile to your face and may bring back some fond memories.

Part 3: Use it or Lose It – some practical activities that you can do at home. If you have high blood pressure be careful not to lift your hands too high above your head.

Balloon badminton

Join us as we show you how to set up a game of Balloon Badminton. All you need is a couple of deflated balloons and some chairs and you’re good to go. This is a fun way to get your body moving and can also be played sitting down. Enjoy!

Sensory bags

Join us as we create sensory bags! This is a simple, enjoyable activity that uses scents that can help remind you of past memories.

For this example, we used:

  • dried oranges and lemons
  • dried lavender
  • rose buds
  • rose petals
  • marigold
  • chamomile

You can also use anything from your garden – dried leaves, grass and any flowers that are available to you.

Music bingo

Learn how to set up a simple game of music bingo. In this video, we talk you through how to run this fun activity, what is needed and share some examples.

Pasta dyeing

Here we talk you through how we dye pasta, ready to create some pasta art.
We recommend dyeing your pasta around 24 hours before your pasta art activity, to allow it to dry thoroughly.

You will need:

  • food dye
  • white vinegar
  • a plastic bag
  • a piece of card (any colour)
  • dried pasta – glue

Crispy cakes

Join us as we make a simple, delicious treat – crispy cakes! You can use any type of chocolate, dark, white or milk! Have fun!

Pasta art

After dyeing your pasta, leave it to dry for 24 hours before attempting to create your pasta art!

Here, we’ve used lasagna sheets but feel free to use any pasta of your choice!