Changing perceptions of dementia

Changing perceptions of dementia

A life well-lived

A gentle breeze. Birdsong. Blossom on trees. It’s often the little things in life that bring us happiness. At Effro, we support people living with dementia to lead fulfilling lives based on experiences that awaken their senses, and activities that spark real joy.

We push back against outdated systems and ideas surrounding dementia, support families affected by it, and fight for a world where the word ‘dementia’ will never define the individuals who live with it.

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An individual approach to dementia support

What’s your happy place? Our approach at Effro involves helping individuals living with dementia to rediscover theirs, whether it’s rolling past familiar sights on a breezy bike ride or tucking into fish and chips on the local seafront.

We recognise that each person we work with is an individual with their own needs and preferences. Our work reflects this, providing tailored support that enables those living with dementia to get what they want from life, no matter their age or abilities.

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Community services

The sights, sounds, scents, flavours and textures we associate with our fondest memories can spark instant joy. From afternoon tea in a favourite café to the roar of the crowd at a rugby match, Effro engages people in activities they love, proving that a life with dementia can still be a happy one.

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Online programme

From cupcake baking to plant pot making, the activities in our interactive videos provide a useful structure for dementia group sessions.

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Volunteer with us

Make a difference and gain valuable experience while discovering talents and passions you never knew you had, all in the name of supporting people to lead a positive life with dementia.

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